Shalanna (shalanna) wrote,

FREE Kindle Short--YA-ish fantasy, fun for all!

(EDIT: Hey, THIS WAS A CROSS-POST from DreamWidth, and it WORKED! Must remember to post THERE first and it'll come and post HERE, when I want to do a broadcast! You are not seeing double. I want to leave this up as proof to myself that DW can crosspost now!)

Okay, crew! Today A WILL OF ITS OWN, a Kindle Short by Shalanna Collins, is FREE for the Kindle!

A Will of Its Own

If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on one of your computers or pad-tablet type devices, you can get A WILL OF ITS OWN (about a magical dagger that dogs a poor little worker bee girl in medieval times) by Shalanna Collins from the Kindle Store absolutely free!

It will be FREE from Sunday, July 08, 2012, to Tuesday, July 10, 2012!
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