Shalanna (shalanna) wrote,

Is it just ME, or is it a sign of the times

For some reason, since my Muses fell silent (they've started to stir again--I'm going to work on either the Ari sequel or the Pundit book this weekend, between doing my knee exercises *ouch* 10x a day), I have felt like surfing eBay for interesting stuff that I shouldn't buy because we can't really afford to waste money. Still, I've had a bit of fun, and have a question or two for y'all.

Is it just ME, or . . . isn't it really saddening and depressing to find all these vintage charm bracelets up for sale that have in the description, "I inherited this from my aunt/grandma/mom a few years ago," or even, "Charm of boy's head engraved with name and date," or "Charm with three kids' figures and 'Grandma' engraved"? I mean . . . this is stuff that these people should keep and treasure and pass along to the next generation. But some people see only a dollar sign in anything. My cousin's kids are like that--when they come to your house, they stride in and suddenly point at something in your house and shout, "Wow! That would bring $$$ on eBay!" Or, "Can I have this? I know just where I could sell it!" Philistines.

Sure, there are people who need to sell jewelry because they've fallen on hard times. This is probably a SMALL fraction of these hawkers, though. Most of 'em are just selling 'cause they think "money is more valuable" or they just aren't materialistic and/or sentimental. Okay, fine. However, I still feel a twinge for the mom or grandma who presented this item and hoped it would be passed down through the generations.

Yeah . . . sappy. I never bid on any bracelet with charms on it like these, though. Just too depressing for me. And I'm already a melancholic. A couple of years ago I did bid on and win a bracelet with such charms (because it had an old-fashioned phone and airplane that I thought were cute), and when I got it, such a feeling of sadness ran through me as I picked it up and "felt" the missed potential to the grandchild or whoever who could be told, "This was your great-grandmother's . . . it comes from WWII . . . see the airplane? This is how prop planes used to look. And this is how phones used to look in Grandma's day. She saw a flag flying with 45 stars and a milk wagon pulled by horses and an iceman who came daily bringing a huge chunk of ice in his tongs and plopped it into their wooden icebox. . . ."

*sigh* Yeah, whatever. I was physically unable to have children, so I guess this kind of experience might be overrated, as it's mostly in my memory from overhearing people say it to their children (who were trying to get to the Nintendo anyhow). I've always been sentimental and a keepsake-keeper.

I suppose the charm bracelet fad is kind of over. I'm going to make a charm necklace out of the ones I've picked up here and there, because I hate clanging bracelets against the keyboard. I've seen charm necklaces in the catalogs for fall, so perhaps for once I won't be completely out of style.

Here are a few of the bracelets I *ahem* DID win.

"Apollo" NASA charm bracelet . . . because my dad worked at NASA during the Apollo program. I think THIS one is cool. Note the LEM charm!

Snowman and Princess Phone charms sold me on this one. Those are the only two that aren't sterling, but oh well.

And I LOVE this little fish with a pearl! I have him/her on a necklace chain.

Hubby says I should've saved the money so we could go to the beach sometime this fall "when you get well." Since the therapist seems to think I am hopeless and can't get well, and things are moving very slowly, I see this as one of those "We'll see" answers from Dad, and am not taking it seriously.

I also got a couple of art rubber stamps. Made my aunt and uncle their birthday cards earlier this week using the stamps ("House Mouse" blowing out the candles). Reminded me what a mess it makes to do crafts, and how ephemeral the results.

But then all is ephemeral, ain't it? All is vanity, saith the preacher. Time and chance happeneth to them all.

The best you can hope to do is *DUCK*.

*quacking up*

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