Shalanna (shalanna) wrote,

Obnoxious Blatant Self-Promotion With COVER ART!

I know how much I hate it when bloggers post their book covers OVER and OVER. I can take it once or twice, but not every time they post. So watch carefully--this will be one of the few times I post this!

WE HAVE A COVER! For NICE WORK at Oak Tree Press! This is another step towards the printer. I have returned the galleys and we're just tweaking the physical Publisher file. (For some reason, many paragraphs have an extra "space" in the indent, even though the indentation is done with that formatting bar and it LOOKS as if they are all .44, but the occasional one is a little farther in and has to be manually corrected by moving the little arrow. Very tedious, and I don't always see that because of my visual infirmities. Who notices stuff like that? LOL)

Guess who designed and sketched the cover? And put it all together?

So TELL ME RIGHT NOW if you think it looks awful or amateurish. I really LIKE it, but I am terribly biased. I think maybe the title words need some type of tweak and maybe my name, but I got too tired to experiment any more. Graphics programs are just not my idea of a good time. Call me crazy, but!

*drum roll* Without further ado. . . .

Smaller cover

*silly grin*
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