Shalanna (shalanna) wrote,


I entered one of those "Find America's Next Writer!" contests. What this means to you is . . . free story!

If you click on the link I provide below, it'll take you to my author page on this contest site. Then you can click on "Read Online" or on "Download This" (or whatever the buttons say) in order to see my Splatterfairies story in its current form. Some of you might remember my writing that one for the old Pulphouse Publishing anthology, and recall that they went out of business and closed down the anthology before it ever got published. I still think it's a cute story, even if it is a bit fey, twee, arch, and affected. LOL

I already have one review from someone I don't know. I thought her review was pretty good!

You don't have to review it or vote on it, but if you want to see the story in final form, here's a chance to read it online! (If you do feel moved to vote for me, thank you in advance. I think they'll probably make you register on their site and all that rot.)

(Page down to the story title, THE SPLATTERFAIRIES' HALLOWEEN)
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